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Momentum Companies offers complete commercial real estate services in Wilmington, NC and surrounding communities. Our team delivers a boutique and all-inclusive approach to commercial real estate that is unrivaled in the industry.

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Commercial Real Estate Advisors

Momentum Companies provides commercial real estate solutions strategically customized to help our clients achieve their goals. Our team possesses top of industry expertise and local insights that can only be acquired through years of experience. Uniquely specialized commercial real estate leasing, consulting, and project management in Wilmington, NC.

We are a family owned and operated, full service real estate brokerage with deep ties to the Coastal Carolina region. Our company mission is not only to help our clients succeed but to play a role in helping the Wilmington economy grow and thrive.


Regardless if you are a developer, owner, tenant, or investor, Momentum Companies' commercial real estate advisors are committed to your business's success. Our Wilmington based team is here to aid in your objectives, bring local expertise to the table, and give your organization an edge over the competition.

Momentum Companies collaborates with property owners to enhance the worth of their real estate holdings by filling vacant spaces, securing reliable renters, increasing co-tenancy, and devising plans for profitable selling. We carefully look into the regional market to spot prospects and guide property owners in achieving their ambitions.

Wilmington Commercial Real Estate Company
Commercial Property Management Services

Our expert real estate team offers comprehensive tenant representation services to those looking to rent a space. We will serve as your representative and reliable consultant, supplying industry-specific knowledge, location identification, economic research, and oversee contract negotiations.

Momentum Companies provides our clients with a full range of commercial real estate investment services. We will help identify potential properties that match your financial criteria and project the highest ROI on your investment. Our team creates and implements investment plans that yield results. 

Commercial Real Estate Invesment Consulting


Browse a comprehensive list of commercial properties for sale or lease in Wilmington, NC. Partner with Momentum Companies commercial real estate advisors to help make informed decisions and identify the best opportunities in the local market.

Our mission is to ensure every client's assets are getting the most benefit possible through the best management and leasing services available. We handle each property as if it belonged to us and always prioritize what is best for the owner and their desired results. We strive to maintain the properties we manage in the best condition possible in order to attract, lease, and keep tenants at attractive prices, maximizing the market value of the property.

Business Valutation Service
New Commercial Development Services

Partner with Momentum Companies for turn-key new development project management services. We will guide you through every step and all of the intricacies of the new commercial development process.

Wilmington Commercial Real Estate Blog

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Commercial Real Estate FAQs

Industry Knowledge & Expertise - An individual who specializes in buying, selling and leasing commercial real estate is well-versed in the local market and can help you make the optimal decision for your business.

Negotiation Skills - A professional in the field of commercial real estate can assist you in negotiating the ideal transaction when you are in the market for renting, buying, or selling commercial real estate. They possess knowledge of the legal terms and nuances of this particular industry and can work with you to reach a mutually beneficial contract.

Local Industry Connections - An experienced professional in the field of commercial real estate can provide you with resources to help you get the funding you need to buy or lease a property. They can also assist you in putting together the necessary paperwork and ensuring the transaction is successful.

Saving Time & Money - Working with a commercial real estate broker can save you time and money by finding the right property and negotiating the best deal for you. 

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