BUSINESS Selling or buying


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For Business Sellers

For many small business owners, the sale of their business is one of their most critical life events; that may only happen once in their lifetime. Having the assistance of a focused professional to manage and lead you through the process all the way to the closing table can make a huge difference in ensuring the outcome is consistent with your goals.

Business owners often wear many hats: Manager, Worker, Bookkeeper, Janitor, etc. Many owners can do well at all these tasks because they all pertain to their business. In many small businesses, the owner has a lot of proprietary equity; the business is truly the owner’s “baby” and they understand it from every angle. So often, when the decision to sell their business has been made, they are not sure how to proceed or have unrealistic expectations; they may talk to their CPA or other advisors and some may elect to attempt to sell it themselves. Sometimes this is because they are not aware there are any other options. Sometimes it is because they feel that they can do a better job than anyone else since they know their business so intimately.

Services that a Momentum Company broker will perform on your behalf will start with an evaluation of the business and an appropriate, professionally determined sale price for the company. We will base the price on several pieces of information including the financial health of the business, demand in the marketplace for businesses like yours, condition of the assets, depth & strength of management, customer diversity, growth potential, and current industry sales trends. You may have heard that it’s as simple as a multiple of profits/EBITDA, but it’s really far more complex than a simple multiple to get the most appropriate (and often most lucrative) price and best terms.

Let us help you determine the best-selling solution with a free consultation.

For Business Buyers

The first step in buying a business is evaluating your skills, commitment to owning your own business and your financial capabilities. An advantage of buying an existing business as opposed to starting a new one is that future performance is more predictable - and often it is more cost-effective. You may want to look for a good business that you can improve upon - and make it a great business. If you are indeed ready, willing, and able, the next step is allowing Momentum Company find the right business opportunity for you.

The best way to find the right business opportunity for you is to work with a professional business broker. Business brokers list businesses like real estate brokers list properties. Most professional business brokers are licensed real estate brokers as well, since businesses are sometimes sold along with associated real property, brokers also subscribe to a Code of Ethics.