7 Advantage of Starting a Business in Wilmington, NC

7 Advantages To Starting A Business In Wilmington

7 ADVANTAGES OF STARTING A BUSINESS IN WILMINGTON DISCOVER THE ADVANTAGES OF STARTING, EXPANDING, OR ACQUIRING A BUSINESS IN WILMINGTON, NC Are you considering starting a new business or expanding your existing one? Look no further than the booming coastal city of Wilmington, North Carolina and it’s surrounding communities. With its thriving economy, exceptional quality…

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Commercial Real Estate and Business Brokerage Services in Wilmington, NC

Momentum Companies Acquires Integral Commercial Group

Wilmington’s commercial real estate scene saw the merger of two prominent firms, MoMentum Companies and Integral Commercial Group. In line with the acquisition, MoMentum Companies has extended a warm welcome to Adam Nicholas, appointing him as their chief operating officer. Nicholas, along with his professional team, boasts an extensive background in commercial real estate and…

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